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    Linux發行版 Fedora Linux 24 Alpha下載

    官方網站:https://fedoraproject.org 軟件熱度: 報告:報告問題

    Fedora 24 Alpha 發布了,Fedora項目是一份由Red Hat策劃的開放開發項目,它向普通參與者開放并由精英管理者領導,沿著一系列項目目標而前進。Fedora項目的目標是與Linux社區協作,只從開放 源碼軟件來創建一份完整的、通用的操作系統。其開發過程是以公開論壇的形式進行的。項目將按時間計劃,每年作兩到三次Fedora的發布,并提供一份公開 的發布日程表。Red  Hat工程組將繼續參與Fedora的開發,并且將比以往更多地邀請和鼓勵外界的參與。通過采用這樣一種更加開放的過程,我們希望能提供一份更加符合自 由 軟件理念并且對開放源碼社區更具吸引力的操作系統。


    • There have been many changes to theming in GTK+ 3, where a stable API has not been declared. As a result, applications that use custom CSS theming, for example, may show issues with their appearance. This may include default applications that come with Fedora 24 Alpha Workstation. Users are asked to try out their favorite GTK+ 3 based applications and report bugs upstream so they might be addressed in time for the final release.

    • Workstation features a preview of GNOME 3.20, which was released just after the Alpha was cut. The GNOME 3.20 release is already available in the Fedora 24 update stream. Once you install Fedora 24 Alpha, you can use Software or dnf to update. GNOME 3.20 will of course be part of Fedora 24 Beta and the Final release.

    • We have decided not to make Wayland, the next generation graphic stack, the default in Fedora 24 Workstation. However, Wayland remains available as an option, and the Workstation team would greatly appreciate your help in testing. Our goal is one full release where the non-default Wayland option works seamlessly, or reasonably close thereto. At that point we will make Wayland the default with X11 as the fallback option.

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