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    Oracle Linux 5.10 下載

    官方網站:oracle.com 軟件熱度: 報告:報告問題
    Oracle Linux,全稱為Oracle Enterprise Linux,簡稱OEL,是Oracle公司在2006年初發布第一個版本,Linux發行版本之一,以對Oracle軟件和硬件支持較好見長。OEL,一般人通常叫法為Oracle企業版Linux,由于Oracle提供的企業級支持計劃UBL(Unbreakable Linux),所以很多人都稱OEL為堅不可摧Linux。2010年9月,Oracle Enterprise Linux發布新版內核——Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel,專門針對Oracle軟件與硬件進行優化,最重要的是Oracle數據庫跑在OEL上性能可以提升超過75%。
    Oracle Enterprise Linux是由Oracle公司提供支持的企業級Linux發行。據項目網站稱,Oracle以Red Hat Linux做為起始,移除了Red Hat的商標,然后加入了Linux的錯誤修正。Oracle Enterprise Linux現在是,并旨在保持為,與Red Hat Enterprise Linux完全兼容。

    Oracle Linux 5.9 Release Notes

    We're happy to announce the availability of Oracle Linux 5.9, the ninth update release for Oracle Linux 5. ISO images will soon be available from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud, the individual RPM packages have already been published from our public yum repository. This distribution now includes the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 (2.6.39-300), Oracle's recommended kernel version for Oracle Linux. For further details, please see the Oracle Linux 5.9 Release Notes.
    Oracle Linux can be downloaded, used and distributed free of charge, updates and errata are freely available. For support, you are free to decide for which of your systems you want to obtain a support subscription, and at which level each of  them should be supported. This makes Oracle Linux an ideal choice for both your development and production systems - you decide which support coverage is the best for each of your systems individually, while keeping all of them up-to-date and secure.

    Oracle Linux 5.9在其上游版本RHEL 5.9的基礎上,修復了與Oracle數據庫的若干兼容性問題,并增、刪了一些軟件包。詳細信息:Oracle Linux 5.10 Release Notes 
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